How it started

We are Charlotte and Angus, and in March 2020 the Covid Pandemic hit us for the first time and the hospitality industry closed down. We have two little girls who, at the time, were both under two years old. Due to restrictions, food shopping was difficult, but we had our own fortnightly ritual. It involved buying a lot of store cupboard goods we could make family meals from; notably tinned fish. However, none of these were canned in England or used British fish.

This sparked the beginning of our canned food journey, and Sea Sisters was born. We chose the brand name because our two girls demonstrated the immeasurable importance of Sisterhood.

Together we have passionately learned a craft.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable. We are careful to stay clear of plastics in our production process, and are constantly rethinking ways in which we can transport our fish from its boat to our cannery without the use of materials that will impact the planet.

Our Chef, Angus

Hi I'm Angus, the chef behind Sea Sisters. I have enjoyed cooking in some of London's most loved restaurants including Trullo and Rochelle Canteen. Along the way I have learned that simple, flavoursome, ingredient-led food is often the most enjoyable.

I started the company with my partner, Charlotte whilst in Lockdown. From the very beginning we knew Sea Sisters was about quality British seafood, clear provenance and creating original ideas with maximum flavour. At the time testing began in our tiny kitchen, we had two very young girls. It was an interesting year of parenting, experiments, lots of research and steep learning curves. We soon realised there was no one canning fish in England, and here we are!

As a family we have always enjoyed picking, spreading and snacking on delicious things from cans on toast and crackers. Our Conservas have been created for these special moments, often with that first drink on a Friday evening. We call this the 'Golden Hour'. 

It has been a huge journey building a craft cannery and manufacturing our own range of canned seafood. We hope you enjoy creating special moments with our Conservas. 

If you would like some recipe inspiration, check out the product pages and also keep an eye on our Instagram for videos.

Where The Magic Happens

Our craft cannery

We are a craft cannery based in Bridport, West Dorset specialising in preserving British fish, in season, so it can be stored in your cupboards and pantries to be enjoyed at any time.

The preservation is done with utmost care. We make high quality, handmade Conservas that take a lot of time and skill.

As a small business we work just as hard at delivering a delicious product as we do at being responsible and ethical. We source from fisheries that use low impact fishing methods, harvesting mature fish from abundant stocks. We are proud to support small fisheries, women fishermen and  UK aquaculture.

Catch us in

Sea Sisters - moving to Dorset


Hop aboard

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