Hi I'm Angus, the chef behind Sea Sisters. I have enjoyed cooking in some of London's most loved restaurants including Trullo and Rochelle Canteen. Along the way, I have learned that simple, flavoursome, ingredient-led food is often the most enjoyable.

I started the company with my partner, Charlotte whilst in Lockdown. From the very beginning we knew Sea Sisters was about quality British seafood, clear provenance and creating original ideas with maximum flavour. At the time testing began in our tiny kitchen, we had two very young girls. It was an interesting year of parenting, experiments, lots of research and steep learning curves. We soon realised there was no one canning fish in England, and here we are!

As a family we have always enjoyed picking, spreading and snacking on delicious things from cans on toast and crackers. Our cans can be considered a meal by themselves but they are a versatile product that can also be used in recipes. It is very exciting to release our own range of canned seafood and have others enjoy them the same way we do. If you would like some recipe inspiration then check out the product pages and also keep an eye on our instagram for videos.
It's now one year in to the journey and we have three cans of the best quality seafood you can get your hands on. To say we are proud is an understatement.