We are a craft cannery based in Bridport, West Dorset specialising in preserving British fish, in season, so it can be stored in your cupboards and pantries to be enjoyed at any time.


 The preserving is done with utmost care.  We make high quality, hand made, artisanal products that take a lot of time and effort.


As a small business we work just as hard at delivering a delicious product as we do at being responsible and ethical. We focus on working with the best producers here in the UK, people that believe in regenerative and sustainable methods to produce quality food.


Our supply chain is completely transparent and traceable and we can track every single one of our cans back to the boat and harvest batch number. We use fish from sustainable stocks caught by fishers using methods that have as little impact on our marine life as possible. These include trap caught, rope grown and pole and line caught. The longest journey our seafood makes is from Cornwall to Dorset before it is lovingly cooked and hand packed in to cans.